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Do you sell to the general public?
YesWe are pleased to be able to provide DIYers and contractors with the materials needed to complete their projects, big or small.

What type of gravel do I need?

There are many different types of gravel, therefore, you should be sure to select the one that suits your purpose.  It is best to work with your contractor when making this decision.  You may also want to look at our Product Guide, which gives a general  explanation of the most common uses of each.  

What is the difference between Clean and Base rock?

Clean rock products contain minimal fines (small particles of rock).  Base (or "minus") rock does contain fines.  Fines aid in compaction and help create a firmer, more solid layer.

How much material do I need?

The amount of material will vary and is dependent on the size of your space and type of aggregate.  We have linked a basic Aggregate Calculator below that will download an Excel spreadsheet for your use.  Densities may vary somewhat but the default values are reasonable averages and should provide a trustworthy result for our rock.  Generally, it is better to round up the result to have extra rather than not enough.  You don't want to pay for freight twice!   

 (Clicking the aggregate calculator button will create an Excel tab below.  Click on the tab for access to the calculator)


How much can I expect to pay for a load of rock?

There are several factors involved in calculating costs.  They includetype of material, quantity of material  and freight charges, if applicable.  You are welcome to call our Scale Office at 816.781.ROCK (7625) to request an estimate.  

How do you calculate freight/delivery charges?

Freight charges are calculated by quantity (tons or cubic yards, for dirt) and distance (miles).  Another factor would be whether or not the delivery location is outside the Commercial Zone (see explanation below).

What is meant by "Commercial Zone"?

The Commercial Zone is set by theMissouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and regulates/restricts where and how much product can be delivered within the State.  The Commercial Zone limits the quantity permitted to travel on our roads and means you will likely pay more for freight/delivery if delivery is located outside the Commercial Zone.  Click on the link to open a copy of the MoDOT map in a new window for the Kansas City area.  Please call our Scale Office for confirmation of addresses close to Commercial Zone borders.

Am I allowed to pick up my own materials?

Yes.  For your safety, please be aware that mine sites are considered hazardous.  A loaded truck has the right-of-way on roadways.  Use caution and follow the speed limit postings.

What is the procedure for picking up my own gravel?

Mines/quarries can be dangerous places, therefore, all visitors are required to check in with Scale Office personnel.  First time visitors will be asked to sign a Hazard Awareness form.  Once the form is completed, you will be directed to the scale for a "tare" (empty) weight, then to the appropriate stockpile to be loaded with your gravel.  After loading, you will cross the scale once more to obtain your "gross" (loaded) weight.  A scale ticket will print for your receipt and for payment.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, debit/credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) or check with proper ID.

What is the time frame between ordering and delivery?

Scheduling a delivery has many variables including, but not limited to, customer needs, previously scheduled deliveries, road closures, weather, construction, etc.  Every effort is made to meet our promised delivery time frame but please understand contractors may have crews standing by waiting for product and they need to keep the crew working.  As an individual purchasing from us, we will always do our best to have our drivers available for your product delivery.  All of our customers are important to us just as your project is important to you!

When and how is payment arranged? 

All payments are COD (cash on delivery) at the time of delivery or pick up unless you have an established credit account.

What is the difference between Fill Dirt and Topsoil?

Fill Dirt is primarily used to fill a hole or for grading purposes and is considerably less expensive (dirt cheap).  Topsoil is surface soil, suitable for plantings.


How do I open a credit account?

Complete and submit a Credit Application by clicking the link below:

How long will it take before I know if I'm approved for a Credit Account?

We make every effort to process credit applications in a timely manner, generally within 10 business days or less.  The time line for credit approval is dependent upon how quickly the listed credit references respond to our inquiry.

Did we miss a question? Please send us feedback on the "Contact Us" form and we'll try to answer it here if it is a common question.

Frequently Asked Questions

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